Is Your Ministry Really Productive?

by Bishop Dr. Peter L. Baker | Project Manager, I AM Kingdom Brands

How can a Pastor be assured that the ministry they lead is productive?

First, we must define what a productive ministry looks like.

Productive is defined as having the power of producing readily and abundantly.

Producing? Yes, bringing into existence! So the real question is what is a ministry trying to produce? For some it may be bringing new members into the ministry and if so there are marketing strategies you can employ to draw people to your doors. For others, it might be to finance outreach efforts and if financing is what you desire to produce, there are financial strategies that will allow you to produce that. For others, their sole goal is to follow the Biblical mandate of producing disciples, and there is a strategy for doing so. For this article, I would like to focus on producing disciples.

Producing disciples takes a lot more time, effort and intentional work.

SALVATION BECOMES THE FIRST GOAL. There is no way to make disciples unless salvation is attained first. Then the ministry follows the mandate of Christ in loving them unconditionally. Many times, a newly saved person may leave a ministry because they may not feel as spiritually mature as others. If the mature Christian becomes impatient or judgmental of the new converts’ growth, it makes it worst. To grow, the new convert must dwell in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

TEACHING AND PURPOSE MUST BE INSTILLED in the new convert. Teaching involves using spiritually gifted mature members to impart biblical truths into the Spirit of the convert. This enables them to understand what this new Christian walk entails. One may struggle to follow Christ if they fail to understand what they are expected to follow. Within this teaching as well as attending services, the convert is exposed to purpose. This may reveal itself prophetically or within the teachings rendered. Nevertheless, the convert uncovers the deeper reason why Christ chose to save them. In all we do, knowing our purpose keeps us connected and excited about this walk of life.

BRINGING OTHERS INTO THE FOLD is important for newfound converts. Unless a new found convert attempts to bring others into the fold they can become stagnate. Every convert is strengthened by exercising their ability to bring others into the fold, by sharing their our own experiences in their transition.

Most understand this process to be spearheaded by a five-fold ministry model outlined by Paul in Ephesians 4:11-13. Productivity by way of spiritual growth is the goal of this approach. Again, we have to be intentional about what we are trying to produce. Where we set our intention becomes the outcome of our product.

So run off and be productive in your ministries, intentionally!

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