6 Excuses for Entrepreneurship That No Longer Apply

Here are a few excuses that budding entrepreneurs use that prevent them from the success they deserve.

1. I don't have a great idea. ​

You don't need to have a completely formed idea on day one. Today's entrepreneurs use discovery techniques such as Design Sprints to help fully them develop their ideas.

2. I don't have money.

It cost as little as $500 to start a company today.

3. I'm too old/too young.

There's no evidence that age matters.

4. I can't risk it all to become an entrepreneur.

You no longer have to, start small. Do some customer discovery. Talk with potential early adopters about your idea. If your dream is a nationwide chain of restaurants, start with a hot dog cart, then a food cart, then a pop-up restaurant. Going slow isn't just smart. It is sane.

5. I'm not a risk taker.

It is a long-disproven myth that entrepreneurs are huge risk takers. They just choose to believe in themselves more than the average person does.

6. I'm afraid to fail.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. That is true in basketball, hockey, and in life. Failure is not just possible; it is probable. So learn to learn from failure. Don't worship it, but don't fear it.

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