Here at I AM Kingdom Brands we take our client partners perceived problems and make them into growth opportunities for their products, services or message from the lens of Marketing today.

We believe that Marketing today is about the human condition and our culture; which calls for an approach that involves consistency, empathy, and respect.


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Great content doesn’t just happen. We look at factors like brand archetype, offering, and audience and find the intersection in order to create a focused overarching narrative that will engage and further your credibility.


We plan stories over time and determine where and how we will tell them. From content strategy to social strategy to the editorial calendar, we’ve got you covered.


Content Strategy


Editorial Calendars


Brand Archetype Analysis

Voice and Tone Guide


Social Media Strategy


30 minute Session

This is a call to discover where you are in your business and which one of our services is a good fit for you.


We will help you determine what the next BEST step is for you.


Please be mindful that this is not a coaching call.


We're here to assist you in making a decision on the investment you should be making next to grow your business with I AM Kingdom Brand solutions.




3 hour Session

This session is done virtually through zoom video chat.

15-20 minute breaks at the 90 minute mark for each session


This session is designed to help you get full clarity on your brand story.


offer and how to price & sell it. If you're not yet making $1,000 in your business but you have a PROVEN expertise that you want to monetize, this is for you.






6 Hour Session

Spend a full day with us to strategize target audience, profitable niche, signature offer, and content strategy.

VIP Days are best for clients who want to do at least one of the following:

- Plan a successful course/program launch (best for experts teaching information.)

- Create systems to increase client capacity



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