Content creation is a very vague and ambiguous term used in the digital marketing world. Our team at I AM Kingdom Brands wants to break down what content creation means within a small business and how copy and messaging can create the human voice that connects users to who you are as an organization, and making that connection meaningful depends on how well you tell your story.

Blog posts are a fantastic tool to build search engine optimization or increase a business’s ranking in Google. They must be used regularly, but when they are, they are a very powerful tool. When we write blog posts for our clients, they include:

  • 2 to 3 topic ideas

  • A 300 to 350-word blog post

  • A stock image

We like to make things very easy for all of our clients and make sure they have full approval of all of their content.

Blog Posts

There is fantastic software built to review content on a website to make sure the content is written in the manner that search engines would like to see. However, learning to write this way can be tough.


I AM Kingdom Brands can come alongside any business and create strong content to help improve an existing website.

Website Content

  • Copywriting

  • Mission Statements

  • Vision Statements

  • Bios 

  • About Pages

Ad Hoc Items

So many small business owners feel like they need a monthly newsletter, but then have no content to fill to include. Our team helps determine if a newsletter is really necessary for a business or if there is another communication plan. Additionally, we help create a content plan if a newsletter is the right direction.


  • Editorial Calendar Creation

  • Website Content

  • White Papers

  • Press Releases

  • Email Campaigns

  • Tag lines and Namings

  • Bios, Profiles, Company Histories

Content Deliverables

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