Connecting Brands with their Internal and External Audiences.


We are a Strategic Brand Messaging and Design Agency.

Our mission is to help our client partners take their message, products, and services all over the globe by strengthening the connection between them and their audiences. ​
We will achieve this through market insights, marketing, internal and external branding, strategic plans, and creative deliverables.​
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Like many of our client partners, we’re able to work with small budgets and big hearts. We understand it’s not always possible for our clients to build their internal brand dream team; the best missions and messages are sometimes the most under-funded. That’s why it’s our privilege to serve those who are already serving, and provide our client partners with the best quality brand services possible at a price they can afford.
We service the following sectors.

We offer services specifically catered to Ministries and their success with in the organization and outside of the organization.

We offer services specifically designed for professionals looking to enhance their personal brands.

We offer services to take your organization to the next level. By connecting you with both your internal external clients.

We offer services to get your new fresh ideas of the ground.


We are a team of professionals with experience in industries
that span from Non- Profits, Small Business, Human Resources and more.
We take pride in delivering the upmost professionalism and customer service.
Nashanda Justice

Brand Strategist

Nashanda is skilled in assessing

a brand and understanding

its objectives. 

She is a seasoned professional

with experience in Design, Human Behavior and Strategic Planning.

Nashanda leverages her diverse skill set to help organizations understand their audiences allowing them to communicate with them in a more meaningful and purposeful way.

Dr. Peter Baker

Project Manager

Peter has extensive experience in the Non-Profit, Small Business and Human Services sectors.


His knowledge and leadership ability has positioned him to have a unique perspective on business needs.


He is poised to speak into the needs of today’s businesses.

Tschanna Taylor

Content Writer

Tschanna is adept at creating engaging content for both print

and digital media.

She has a mastery of different

writing styles and can cater her style to deliver content that informs from a Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business perspective.

Latoya Ashford


LaToya is an experienced professional with a wide range of knowledge in  

Administrations, Customer Service, IT and Finances. 


Her inquisitive nature when it comes to innovation in these areas drive her to seek out and understand the latest tools that help us to do our jobs more efficiently allowing us to spend time doing what we love and that is helping our client partners.  

Join our subscriber list to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …


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